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Character Development with Alisa Kwitney

Character Development: In this two hour intensive, we will explore strategies and techniques for creating vivid and memorable characters, including methods for disguising and distancing characters based on yourself or real, living people, and methods for writing characters very unlike you from the inside out; why false beliefs and mindworms are the key to character arcs; the importance of friends and rivals as foils; and how to identify the telling details of character appearance, wardrobe and physicality.

NB: This class will be taught on Zoom and will be capped at 15 students.


Dialogue with Alisa Kwitney

Dialogue with Alisa Kwitney

In this two hour intensive, we will delve into the strategies and techniques of dialogue, touching on the differences between writing dialogue and replicating real-life conversations; realistic vs. stylized dialogue, and the case for each; dialogue as character, i.e.,writing distinctive speech patterns; banter, crosstalk and verbal swordplay, and what the director Howard Hawks used to call three cushion dialogue.

NB: This class will be taught on Zoom and will be capped at 15 students.


Writer Honoree of the Year Nominee Alisa Kwitney

Alisa has been nominated for the Writer Honoree of the Year award at the first-ever JewCie Awards.

The first ceremony ever held in celebration of Jewish comics, the JewCie Awards supports JewCE’s mission by honoring the creators of Jewish comic book narratives, themes, and characters. Such awards serve as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the unique contributions of artists, storytellers, and creators who have invested their talents and passion into Jewish storytelling through the medium of comics.



I’m very excited to be attending MoCCA in Manhattan this year (April 1 and 2). I’ll be wearing my editorial hat and representing Liminal Comics, along with my amazing assistant editor Maggie Vicknair. Come check out our soon-to-be-released first comic, Future Echoes by Al Davison and Yen Quach.

Here’s the link to the Liminal website:

Mill Street Graphic Novel Course

Budding artist/writers and writer/artists, come check out my new Graphic Novel Writing course in Poughkeepsie.

Online Romance Course Starts August 22

Love to read romance novels? Want to write one? Come join McDaniel’s online class in Reading the Romance Novel and learn how to read like a writer! I’m teaching, it starts Monday, August 22. Here’s a link to learn more: