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My next novel: Cadaver & Queen

Still waiting to see the cover, but very excited to be reading through the copyedits on my upcoming novel, which I like to describe as “Feminist Frankenstein Meets Grey’s Anatomy.” Copyedits always make me nervous, since a good copyeditor catches all kinds of holes and errors in story logic, and leaves me thinking ohgodohgod I screwed up, how can I fix this? This time, though, on the very last sentence of the last page I found this note: “Ed., I absolutely loved this engaging, well-written book. The characters are so vivid and well-drawn!” I’m considering it my first review. Thank you, copyeditor, for making my day.

Online Romance Course Starts August 22

Love to read romance novels? Want to write one? Come join McDaniel’s online class in Reading the Romance Novel and learn how to read like a writer! I’m teaching, it starts Monday, August 22. Here’s a link to learn more:

Poughkeepsie Comic Con

Didn’t make it to San Diego? Live near Poughkeepsie? Come check out the comic book show at the Civic Center this Saturday and Sunday July 23/24. (I’ll be on a Comic Book Creators panel at Saturday, July 23 at 12 pm). And I’ll have a table Saturday (Sunday I’m back to writing). Here’s the press release: