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Femme Magnifique

Former DC Comics/Vertigo executive editor Shelly Bond’s exciting new kickstarter, Femme Magnifique, is going on right now! Here’s a link to a podcast with Samantha Cross, interviewing Robin Furth, Ming Doyle and myself:

And here’s a link to the Femme Magnifique kickstarter, with some video interviews:

Batgirl Art

So, I’ve spent the weekend putting finishing touches on my second Batgirl script (translation, trying to make sure I haven’t screwed anything up in the overarching continuity) and now, at last, I think I am done. To celebrate, I am posting some art by the wonderful Rick Leonardi, who is brilliant at pointing out little things that make me think, “Wow, I should really have thought of that.”

Always wanted to write a romance?

Come check out the online McDaniel Romance Writing courses,which I am teaching beginning this January, 2015. (The original August start date has been moved to January). I’ll be posting more about my plans for the course, which was last taught by the redoubtable Jenny Crusie. (Jenny’s giving me her notes and has been talking to me about what worked for her.)